Clever Ways to Make your Adoption Profile Photos Stand Out

I get a lot of questions about how, where, when and what to do when taking new photos for your adoption profile booklet. This post is dedicated to finding alternative and clever ways when the traditional outdoor, nicely lit photo just isn’t possible. Some of us live in areas of the country and world where it’s hard to get beautiful photos year round (I’m in Wisconsin, so I can relate!). Here are some clever ideas on how to get engaging and beautiful photos in unexpected places!

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Our Chosen Child
Beginners Guide to Adoption Terminology

Our friends over at Family Advocacy Law Firm have developed a wonderful and comprehensive guide to adoption terminology. We think it’s a great resource for the beginner considering adoption! I think it’s important to keep these terms in mind when crafting your adoption profile book- positive adoption language is so important. You can easily turn away an expectant parent by using the wrong terminology. The world of adoption is always evolving, so it’s key to stay up-to-date on the current vocabulary used within the community.

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