Meet Joanna Ivey

Joanna Ivey Owner Our Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services
We owe birth families everything, and we certainly owe them honesty in all we do.

Owner and founder of Our Chosen Child

Our Chosen Child was conceived while remembering the struggle to write our own family profile book for our son’s adoption. We were so raw with the emotions of desire and fear that it took us months to begin.

Once we began writing, we agonized over every word and spent hours pouring over photos. Although we had the support of our family and friends, we didn’t have anyone truly objective to edit our letter and to give us feedback. We did have a friend who offered to put our photos and text together, but it took months, and we felt badly every time we had to nudge things along. Our agency was helpful and passed on many good suggestions, but the staff there was busy and we felt as if we were on our own. Fast forward three years. After our adoption, I went to work for the agency that helped us adopt our son. I used my background in design to create profiles for adoptive couples. I found such joy in working with families and creating beautiful, fun, and meaningful profile books for them, and then watching them be successful in their outreach with birthparents. My desire to be working from home and to spend more time with our two sons led me to create Our Chosen Child. As an adoptee and an adoptive mother I have been an advocate for adoption all my life. I believe deeply that adoption brings families together with an unbreakable bond—the love of a child. Whether open or closed an adoption is a spiritual contract. As adoptive parents we are great stewards of these beautiful children we love and raise.

My profiles are not designed to be a slick marketing piece, but rather to help adoptive families represent themselves honestly in a beautifully written and designed profile book. The profile book may be all a birth family has to look at through the years, and it will certainly be an important part of your child’s baby book. The time spent creating a profile is a gift to birth families, adoptive families and most of all to our chosen children.

Joanna Ivey Our Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services Family Built by Love
Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services Family Built by Love

Family built by love