I'm very excited to work with you on designing your adoption profile book! Please carefully review these handy tip sheets. They will help guide your style, text, and photo selection for your booklet. Once you’ve followed the steps in the tip sheets and guides, you can work on your style, text, and photo selection!


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Colors, style, and fun!

Capturing your style is the key to a successful booklet! We've developed handy style boards and options on our custom forms to help you communicate your ideas on style, color, and fonts for your adoption profile book. You can help us with the design process by filling out the following design and style form.


Tell your story

Let’s get started on your adoption profile book text. When you’re ready to send your final text to us, please add it to the following form.


A picture is worth a thousand words

I strongly believe you shouldn’t waste a single inch on photos that don’t share something significant a picture about your family. Once you’re ready, please send me your photo selections by filling out the form below!