Caption Styles

Share your Style

Please choose your preferred caption styles for your adoption profile book, and enter your style preferences into the style sheet form located in our shared Dropbox folder! Keep in mind, these are not templates for you to select from, but samples that will give me insight into your preferences.


Caption Style 1

Super modern, magazine layout style captions are simple, easy to read, and get to the point. They allow the page to breathe with a little white space as well!


Caption Style 2

The rounded bar is a nice way to highlight a caption within a photo. It feels friendly and approachable. This style works really well when you choose a layout style that has some rounded corners, too!


Caption Style 3

A simple color band with a twist! The placement of this band will vary depending on the photo and location of the photo in your layout.


Caption Style 4

This ribbon style caption is a really fun, contemporary style and works well for short and sweet captions.


Caption Style 5

Feeling fun and funky? This is a great style for you! It's conversational and when the font is "handwritten" it adds a sweet home-made feel to your profile. This can work well with longer "chatty captions".


Caption Style 6

I call this a "tab caption" style. It doesn't have to be white, I often pick up a color used in the profile for continuity. It makes life easy for the reader since they always know where to look for the caption.


Caption Style 7

This is a modern style plucked from the pages of a magazine. The photo is numbered as is the caption off to the side. This style works well when there is a lot of white space built into the page design, and the captions really become another graphic element in the layout.


Caption Style 8

The caption is overlaid on a simple color band on the photo. It's a great way to make sure your captions "pop" while maintaining simplicity.


Caption Style 9

Sometime a linear profile layout can use a little pop. Putting the captions at an angle can achieve just that, especially in a bold, contrasting color!


Caption Style 10

I especially love this style with profiles that have a lot of gradients and splashes of color. It adds some depth to your captions, too!


Caption Style 11

Back to basics! This caption style is the most simple, and the most popular- for good reasons! It doesn't distract you from the design of the profile and it's so versatile. This caption style looks great on modern to traditional to scrapbook style profiles!


Caption Style 12

This minimalistic caption style is a fabulous way to add a pop of color to your profile!