Cover Page Layout Styles

Share your Style

Please choose your preferred page layout styles for your adoption profile book and fill in your style sheet form located in our shared Dropbox folder! Keep in mind, these are not templates for you to select from, but rather, a way for you to share your style preferences with me. As you view these samples, think about the quality and orientation of your cover photo, because they play a big role in determining what we will ultimately be able to create for you.


Cover page style 1

This cover style is almost a full-bleed photo. The color bands at the top and bottom add a nice pop. The names are also incorporated into the photo for a cohesive look.


Cover page style 2

A high quality photo allows for playful touches like popping the photo over the color bands at the top and side of the cover.


Cover page style 3

This cover focuses the readers' attention on their smiles and eyes. This landscape photo uses color at the top and bottom of the photo to fill the page.


Cover page style 4

A great, professional photo with this much personality deserves to fill the entire cover. The understated typography is just the icing on the cake!


Cover page style 5

Creative and fun ways to enhance an already great photo include adding a colored gradient and subtle pattern to the background for a dynamic look.


Cover page style 6

A smile this bright benefits from playful pattern, bright colors and fun typography. Together they showcase her fun and outgoing personality!


Cover page style 7

It's important the design, colors and style of cover work well with the photo- and these pair perfectly! This understated cover style makes a big impact.


Cover page style 8

A little feminine flair along with cool, modern colors work perfectly with this photo. The diagonal placement of her name invites the reader to turn the page and learn more!


Cover page style 9

Straightforward? Yes! Boring? No way! A playful ampersand and modern sans-serif font make this cover layout easy on the eyes and fun to look at!


Cover page style 10

It can be nice to add a verse or short quote to your cover, and this layout allows for room to do so. The rich colors play off of their clothing to blend perfectly!


Cover page style 11

Ripped right from Instagram! This dynamic cover style features a washed-out version of the cover image behind the cover photo with the for double the impact.


Cover page style 12

The modern, magazine-style typography stands out on a solid white background but doesn't compete with the photo. Simple but effective.


Cover page style 13

I love a cover photo taken on your front porch. There's something so welcoming and inviting about it... but of course what do you do with the glare from the window? What you see as a problem we see as an opportunity for a great place to add your names.


Cover page style 14

A full-bleed cover photo always makes a great impact, but sometimes softening a busy background with a light gradient and hint of color can draw the eye where it ought to be- on your faces and smiles!


Cover page style 15

The photo itself is fantastic, but it didn't completely tell her story. As a creative professional Brittany wanted her cover to shine with playful dots, bright colors and a super-fun font. It takes a great photo to stand up to bright colors and pattern, and hers sure does!