Joanna Ivey is both an adoptee and an adoptive parent who has worked closely with countless adoptive families for over a decade. She understands how overwhelming the adoption process can feel for adoptive families. She can help demystify the process, come up with a concrete plan to maximize their outreach efforts and provide them with kind, compassionate support. Coaching topics can include basics like adoption outreach—or even transracial adoption, how to deal with tricky situations in the adoption process, or a personal review of current adoption outreach materials (adoption profile books, personal adoptoin websites, or advertising or social media outreach).

Some of our current bundles can be found here. Coaching sessions will be held over the phone or via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangout. Clients can simply set up a phone call and pick a day and time that works best for them. The cost for an a-la-carte one hour session is $150, and clients can also pay on the Our Chosen Child website. Agencies or attorneys can choose to provide coaching for their clients, and we are happy to invoice you directly if you prefer. 

Adoption coaching does not take the place of the work that agencies/firms do, but is instead a supplement to it. Joanna’s extensive experience with adoption outreach can help families maximize their outreach efforts, as well as provide them with one more experienced professional to support them during the adoption process. Occasionally clients need more hand-holding than an agency or firm can provide—or want specific support outside what your office has experience with (transracial adoption, for instance).

We can create coaching bundles based on your agency or firm’s specific needs. Packages can include an adoption profile book, a personal adoption website, The Essential Guide to Adoption Outreach, and social media graphics. Become a partner to get adoptoin outreach benefits for your agency or firm!