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The Our Chosen Child Partner Program

For over a decade, Our Chosen Child has partnered with adoption agencies and attorneys across the country to help their clients with adoption outreach needs. We would love to add you to our growing list of partners! We offer our partners printed resources and sample adoption books to share with clients, as well as other digital resources— most at no cost to you. Become our BFF and you’ll get access to custom client portals, co-branded guides, and much more!


We’ve Got You Covered!


Adoption Book Samples

We provide free printed adoption book sample packs that you can share with your client families.


Brochures and Tip Sheets

Our brochure and tip sheets for creating adoption books can be co-branded with your logo and contact info.


Attorney and Agency Websites

Does your website need an update? We can create a beautiful and functional website that helps grow your business.


Waiting Family Pages

We create and maintain waiting family pages for your clients to create online profiles. Expectant parents are online and your clients should be too!


Adoption Outreach Guide

Help your clients maximize their personal outreach efforts by providing a map of the process with The Essential Guide to Adoption Outreach.


We would love to add you to our growing list of partners!


Let's be BFFs!

Take our relationship to the next level by becoming exclusive! We think you and your client families will love working with us so much you won’t want to work with anyone else. If you agree and use us as your sole referral source for your client’s design needs, we’ll invest in the relationship by offering discounts, co-branded materials, customized questionnaires and client workflows based on your guidelines, dedicated client managers—plus a “sweet” welcome gift!

Be sure to check out the ‘BFF Perks’ in each section below to learn about the benefits of being exclusive!


Adoption Profile Book Sample Packs

We are happy to provide printed adoption book samples packs that you can share with your client families. We match the specifications and demographics of clients that you need. We are pleased to send these samples at no cost to you!


BFF Perks

  • Special adoption profile book pricing for your clients

  • A co-branded portal page on our website just for your clients where they can download forms, submit photos and text for their profile and submit payments. 



We’ve been working with Our Chosen Child to develop our client’s adoption profile books for years and it’s been the best decision for our business!
— Jen, AdoptHelp

Brochures and Tip Sheets for your Clients

Share our services with your clients via our printed or electronic brochures. Also available is a Adoption Profile Book Tips brochure which can help clients who intend to create their own adoption book!


BFF Perks


Attorney and Agency Websites

Your website is the most important tool you have, and an outdated, poorly functioning website is a huge turn-off to both adoptive and expectant parents. A new website is less expensive and less complicated than you might think! Just like with our other adoption materials, we have a simple-to-follow process which facilitates collaboration in developing a new website for your agency or firm.

You are really, really great to work with because you are ever so patient and kind. I know I’m not really technically adept so I appreciate your support making everything so easy! We have heard from clients that our website went from a 5 to a 10+! Thank you!
— Katy Millan, All Pregnancy Options

Check Out These Websites We’ve Created!



We cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Joanna and her team! They were diligent, accommodating, knowledgeable, and overall just fantastic to work with! They asked for our input every step of the way when designing our new website. They were thoughtful, paid great attention to the details, and it was very obvious that they knew exactly what users would be looking for in a functional website. We have been so pleased with our new site, and we’ve received so many compliments about how beautiful it is! Thank you again!
— Ashley Richardson, Family Advocacy Law Firm

Waiting Families Pages for your Clients

Your clients want to know you’re doing everything you can to maximize their outreach, and having an attractive, functional and comprehensive online waiting family page is a huge benefit to both you and your clients!


Check out our Sample Waiting Families Page

We love working with Joanna and her team! Not only do we love working with them our clients love working with them too! The most important thing, however, is that since we’ve been working together we’ve had so many more placements come through expectant parents finding our families on our website. That had never happened before- and it happens regularly now! We encourage all our families to purchase the online profile package because it works.
— Linda Vorwerk, Adoption Authority

BFF Perks

  • Your own co-branded client portal on our website for clients to pay and submit content

  • Dedicated client support manager



Joanna has taken our agency to the next level through a beautifully designed website that displays our waiting adoptive parent profiles. The results are clear—we’ve seen an increase in expectant mother interest about our waiting families since creating our new waiting families page. These days, expectant mothers are online looking for families for their baby. It’s imperative to have a way for expectant mothers to “browse” waiting families online in a way that is both user friendly and engaging.

The process is so smooth from start to finish. Our families enjoy working with Joanna’s team to display their profile in a modern and attractive way online. They’ve always been eager to help when our agency needs the site updated to reflect new matches or placements—which is often.

We are so thankful for our new waiting families page. We look forward to our continued partnership and recommend them without reservation.
— Caitlin Philllips, Texas Adoption Center
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Adoption Outreach Guide

This groundbreaking book offers a blueprint for using social media and personal outreach to adopt, including how to create an overall outreach strategy and then the nitty-gritty details your client’s need to know to execute that strategy. Order bulk copies for your clients or order informational fliers to share with your families.

I have been “gifting” (the book) to my clients upon retaining the office. I strongly believe it is a wonderful “primer” to applying social media to the adoption process. We have seen many connections from social media outreach to expectant parents.
— Faith Getz Rousso, Adoption Attorney

BFF Perks

  • A free digital copy of the book to preview


Ready to dive in?

We would love to partner with you! Or, even better, become your BFF! Simply fill out this form to order free samples, brochures, tip sheets and request more info. about all of the services mentioned above!