Our Chosen Child and RG Adoption Consulting pair up to create an easy-to-use work flow for creating your adoption profile book.


A Note from Becca Gruenspan

RG Adoption Consulting

As founder and chief consultant of RG Adoption Consulting, I help individuals and couples across the U.S. navigate the domestic adoption process. Joanna and the team at Our Chosen Child will help you create a wonderful adoption profile book to share with expectant parents!


A Note from Joanna Ivey

Owner and Founder of Our Chosen Child

My adoption profile books are not designed to be a slick marketing piece, but rather to help adoptive families represent themselves honestly in a beautifully written and designed profile book. The profile book may be all a birth family has to look at through the years, and it will certainly be an important part of your child’s baby book. The time spent creating a profile is a gift to birth families, adoptive families and most of all to our chosen children. I’m so excited to team with RG Adoption Consulting and I look forward to helping you create your adoption booklet!


Get Started on your Adoption Profile Book!