Adoption Profile Book

“The profile book that changed our lives forever & for the better. This “book” was the hardest thing to do. Thinking of what to say to make you stand out to all Birth Mothers & Birth Fathers. Choosing just the right pictures that captures your lives. This book is one of, if not the most important thing about adoption. This is the first thing that all BM & BF see. If they love what is in this tiny, yet powerful book, then your life will change forever. I’m so glad that Joanna was so nice and sent us copies of our profile book. We have a copy in Benjamin’s room and I often walk by it, open it, and read it.”

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Our Chosen Child
A perfect fit

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our profile book. There are so many decisions that have to take place with the adoption process and choosing your company and making the profile book was probably the easiest (and most fun!) part of that process. Our birthmom says that her whole family sat around and voted on who they liked the most and we got a unanimous vote. She said we came across as the type of family that she would like to be a part of and thought her son would fit in perfectly with our family :) Thanks for helping present us in the best, most authentic way."

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Our Chosen ChildStory 5
Worth the wait!

"We wanted to say thank you for being part of our wonderful journey. You portrayed us just right as individuals, a couple, and the kind of parents we hope to be. Open Adoption is an amazing journey, to have the love of a child converge two paths into one and to share in that love is a unique and amazing experience. Thank you for being part of ours!"

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Our Chosen ChildStory 6
Connect with expectant parents

"The last 6 months has been full of life lessons. After 2 failed matches in the hospital, one that happened in early April, we got the call last week. We instantly clicked with our birth mom and she asked me to be in the delivery room. I am forever thankful for your help with our booklet. It gave our mama a real look into who we are as a couple and with our extended family. Our mama said she it really helped her to connect with us and our parents."

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Our Chosen ChildStory 2
Genuine profile books

"This whole thing has been crazy and unbelievable. Thank you for ALL you've done to help us with this process. Birth mom, birth dad and their families told us that they chose us because our profile told them exactly who we are, and when they met us in person, that was all reaffirmed."

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Our Chosen ChildStory 1
Huge help!

"We felt respected and encouraged by you, and are grateful for your part in our adoption journey. You were a huge help to us in developing a profile that would speak to who we are, and have always been open to changes as we went along."

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Our Chosen ChildStory 7