Adoption Profile Book Process


I will walk you through the adoption profile book or website development process from beginning to end. Some people have been so overwhelmed for so long they don’t have a single line of text or any ideas on style—while other people come to the process with their text fully written and firm ideas about design and layout. Wherever you are, I’ll meet you there.

Many people wonder when the right time is to connect with me and begin working on their profile is. I always say the earlier the better! If you’re just getting started you will find my library of tip sheets useful as you sort through and take your photos and begin to think about text. My unique process will keep you organized and heading in the right direction. I'll carefully review your content and provide helpful feedback. I fully guarantee my work. You and your attorney or agency will be thrilled with what we create together or we’ll keep working until you are!

Steps to Creating your Adoption Profile Book



If you only use your phone to take photos you may need to supplement with photos from a good-quality camera.

The most important part of your profile are your photos! iPhone pics are lovely, but they are no match to a camera when it comes to taking photos. When taking photos for your profile you absolutely must use a high quality camera. But wait! No one uses or even owns cameras anymore! Have no fear- I’ve developed a camera rental program that makes it easy-as-pie to use a high quality digital camera to take photos for your profile. Email me for the details!


Rent a Camera



Free Onsies and T-Shirts

Please let us know when you bring your new little one home so we can send you a free "welcome home onesie" to celebrate! I can't wait to see photos of your gorgeous little ones in their Our Chosen Child swag!