5 Photo Tips for Your Adoption Profile Book


top 5 most important adoption profile tips

1. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Be silly! Be Fun! Be you!

Sometimes the best photos break all the rules!

  • Rule 1: Always look at the camera

  • Rule 2: Keep your eyes open!

  • Rule 3: Smile with your mouth slightly open to look approachable

This photo, for example, breaks all the rules, and I couldn't love it more. Their personalities just shine though and I want to get to know them better- don't you? I think an expectant parent will too! When taking photos, sometimes the candid shots can be the best!

Top 5 most important tips for your adoption profile book you must know

2. Tell a story with your photos

Good photos aren't just images of people and places, but they are true storytellers that share essential things about you. Family photos can be tricky! It's normal to want to include the important people in your lives, but too many group photos can just feel overwhelming and honestly aren't that engaging. I love these photos. To me, it shows how close both sides of the family are, and I love that the cross on the wall shares the clients' quiet faith. The image is close up enough that we clearly see the details in their expressions, but it also shows the clients' home in the background so you get a sense of their style too. It's so important to be thoughtful about the photos you select for your profile.

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Unique photos adoption profile book tips

3. Seek out unique locations for photo backdrops

This client's photos are an amazing example of how seeking out colorful, vibrant and unique locations for photos makes a huge difference! It might take a little extra effort to find a good spot, but it's SOOO worth it! It sets you apart from other expectant parents and it gives your profile an extra pop much personality. Doesn't she look like so much fun? Don't you want to get to know her? I do, and I'm sure an expectant parent considering adoption will too!

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Most important tips for your adoption profile book
Top 5 Photo Tips for Your Adoption Profile Book

4. Include photos of your favorite hobby or activity

It can sometimes be hard to portray your hobbies or activities in a photo without them coming off as posed. It’s important to take a variety of fun and active photos that really give the viewer a sense of what you enjoy! Getting photos of you in action tells expectant parents about interests without them having to read a word.

Top photo tip for your adoption profile book

5. Take photos around your community

People often worry about the dreaded "home" photo in a profile booklet. Not all homes are photogenic, and not all home photos share your style or personality. Don't worry, expectant parents aren't judging you by the size of your home! What they really want to know is a bit about where you live- do you live in a small town? An urban center? In the mountains or by the beach? I think these clients rocked their “home” photo- just by looking at the image you know a lot about them, don't you? They live in a cool little town that looks like a great place for a kiddo to grow up! Think about locations like this where you live, and think, “what really shares the flavor of my town or city?”