Full Adoption Profiles*

My flat fee covers everything you need to create an 8-12 page adoption profile book. I will work with you to develop your text or use your agency approved text. I will assist in the selection of photos and give you directed coaching when you need to take or gather more photos. Since photos are by far the most important part of the process, I will carefully enhance your photos and erase any stray alcohol, cigarettes, or identifying information from the backgrounds. Our collaborative design process begins with using tools such as Pinterest to help define your goals and personal style. Ten short days later your proof will be available for viewing and we will begin the editing and fine tuning process.

8 page adoption profile $800
12 page adoption profile $900
20 page hardcover adoption profile $950



Short Adoption Profiles*

Some agencies require a shortened page adoption profile book be presented to birthparents. The development process is similar to the booklet style profiles but the final product is four easy to read pages.

4 page folded adoption profile $500
Single page adoption profile (front & back) $200



Adoption Websites

A custom website for your adoption outreach will expand your efforts exponentially. I will walk you through the entire process, from thinking about a custom URL for your new site to creating your site with search engine optimization built into each page. Your custom website will be designed to look like your profile, or if you don’t have a profile we’ll create a custom style just for you! All websites include seven content pages plus a contact page with intake form and one-click contact buttons. You can have several photo galleries, and we can add video and pull in your social media feeds for added personalization. Hosting is not included, and needs to be purchased at Squarespace (I’ll walk you through that too!) Contact me today and let’s get started!

adoption website with 8 content pages $650

Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services

New Services!

Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services
Our Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services Rent a Camera


Repeat after me: “My phone is not a camera, my phone is not a camera…” The most important part of your profile are your photos! iPhone pics are lovely, but they are no match for a camera when it comes to taking photos. When taking photos for your profile you absolutely must use a high-quality camera. But wait! No one uses or even owns cameras anymore! No fear! I’ve developed a camera rental program to make it easy as pie to use a high-quality but easy to use digital camera to take photos for your profile. Email me for the details!

Our Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services Book Reviews


I believe it’s critical to seek feedback from someone that has not only walked this road many times before, but from a professional that isn’t afraid to give the tough feedback that will ultimately strengthen your adoption profile book. My profile review service offers two reviews of your profile- a first thorough review of your current profile and then a second pass-through to review any changes you implemented. I’ll give you detailed notes on your profile text with concrete suggestions for improvement, and a design review that considers color, layout, photo quality and typography to help you convey your personality effectively to expectant parents. If you’re anxious about your profile and wondering if you’ve done enough, this is the peace of mind you need!

Our Chosen Child Adoption Profile Design Services Hopefully Parents Outreach Packages


Ready to spread the word that you're adopting? Hopefully Parents designs personalized materials to make your adoption outreach simple and painless. Want to show off your fabulous new profile? Let us create adoption outreach materials and/or host your profile online at You can pick from several packages that fit your outreach goals! This is the perfect option for those of you doing your own outreach!


* Military discount of 10%