I wish that I knew the exact words to express how pleased we are with your final product. Way beyond our wildest imagination. Joseph has a very sharp eye and he just can’t say enough how pleased he is- he said it best. Neither of us could have ever done what you have. It is wonderful and beautiful yet simple and elegant. It’s ready for you to throw some magic and fairy dust on and send on its journey.


Hi Joanna! Forgot to tell u we got the brochures and OMG they are amazing!! Thanks again so much for doing such an amazing job w them! We love them and hope these help us find our future little bundle of joy!

Hugs! Manuel & Jason

Joanna was a reassuring delight to work with, and seemed to instinctively understand the mood our family wanted to create. Not only was our adoption profile for IAC gorgeous but really authentic. Throughout our work with her we felt heard and understood, and that is invaluable when you are building your family.

As a LBGT couple we were worried we couldn’t adopt, and the biggest hurdle was creating our adoption profile and adoption website. One conversation with Joanna put our fears to rest. I can’t believe I’m writing these words, but it’s only been six months since Joanna created our profile and our daughter is here in my arms as I type these words. Joanna, we can’t express how pleased we are with the creative adoption profiles you made for us. THANK YOU!

Wow, Joanna! We just received our profiles and the computer files don’t even begin to do them justice. They are beyond beautiful. I was just at (social workers agency) and the profiles they have are on photocopied paper and look so drab. Your work is impeccable and really makes us come “alive”. If I can ever do a testimonial/review for you please let me know. The whole experience was wonderful and your product is definitely the best thing out there!

Shannon and Scott

Thank you, thank you, thank you! When we first started the process of thinking about our adoption materials, i.e. what to say, what pictures to use, we realized how incredibly difficult it is to convey who we really are through pictures and just a few paragraphs. You saved the day and we are so grateful we found you. Your ability to truly capture the essence of who we are, through your expertise in graphic design as well as your ability to understand who we are was fantastic. It was amazing to see the pictures and verbiage come to life, and tell our story.

In addition to your amazing quality of work, you are always so kind and professional. We had so many word changes and picture updates as our profile evolved into exactly what we wanted to say, and you were always so patient and timely in sending us back our proof. Also, as an adoptive parent yourself, we always felt you were on our side, and just wanted to enable success for us and all of your clients. Your love and support for adoption is so evident in your work.

We are so delighted that only 6 months later we were matched with fantastic birthparents. They also loved our profile, and upon meeting, they mentioned they were thrilled that we were exactly like we portrayed in our profile. Joanna, this is all because of your help. Thank you for being such an integral part of making our dream a reality!


Joanna, I just wanted to thank you for your help in creating our family profile and networking materials. When we started our adoption journey, we were overwhelmed and we did not know how to start. We were so lucky to find you to help create our profile. You were exceptional at capturing our personalities and then translating that to paper. Your kindness, patience and experience made us feel as though you were truly on our side and that you were as committed as we were to getting it perfect – which you absolutely achieved! From the time we saw the first proof, we were awestruck with its beauty and how it truly represented us. We have received such positive feedback from our friends and family about the profile, but what speaks volumes about your ability is that our agency loved it and raved about it! You truly have a gift for both the artistry and creativity that this takes, but your gentleness, commitment to communication and experience of having “walked in our shoes” is what sets Our Chosen Child apart from the rest.

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You on the work you did on our profile booklet! We were so thrilled with what you put together – you seriously blew my expectations so much! It couldn’t have been more perfect!! You captured our style and message so perfectly!! I couldn’t stop smiling the day we received our first draft because I was so happy with it!! 🙂 Thank you so much!!


I had already adopted my first child with a profile that I created myself. I attempted this same approach the next time around and was unsuccessful for about a year when I met Joanna. I liked her from our first meeting and we spoke at length about who were are and what we are hoping for. After this conversation, Joanna had a chance to look at the profile we were using thus far and I remember her asking me where the person who was on the phone was? She realized, as I did, that this profile was not capturing “us”, but I just couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I think that when you are working on a project that is so close to your heart, it is so difficult to get on paper what you are trying to convey, show pictures that match that message, and put it all together in an attractive and eye-catching theme that also fits your personality. You need someone who can step back, look at everything and then put it all together.

Joanna is extremely talented as an graphic artist and her use of colors, fonts, and overall theme really made the profile jump out. I also would add that her professionalism in working within the guidelines of the agency that we were working with and her timeliness in turning around proofs and responding to emails and calls was exceptional. She felt like a partner in the process and a friend, she really let the profile flow out from our conversations. She never tried to place us into a cookie-cutter, every step was unique. At the end of the process, I felt that our profile really represented and I knew that anyone looking at it was walking away knowing what we wanted to say. I knew that the right person would be interested. Our profile immediately caught the eye of the agency we are using, who called to ask who had done it for us. We are also thrilled to say that it recently also caught the eye of a woman who is looking to place her child and we are now waiting to become parents for the second time. I give a huge amount of credit to Joanna efforts in making that possible.


Joanna, Gene and I can’t say “Thank You” enough for the great profiles you designed for us!I didn’t have a lot of what I thought were great pictures, but you pulled it together so well! You put pages together in such a way it would of taken me the next 5 years to do what you did. I’m not ‘profile savvy’, and your advice and thoughtfulness was such a gift. Working with you was a pleasure and service was fast. It was great to hand over the pictures and like magic you made up our profiles! My last batch I kissed once again and shipped out and said “please, let this batch be the lucky batch”! 2 weeks later we were matched! We had many hits after we changed our profiles and I know it’s the way you designed them. My advice to anyone starting the adoption process would be to seek someone who designs profiles for a living if you’re not “Profile Savvy”. I believe it makes a world of a difference. It’s worth the extra cost and I only wish I had found you when we started. Keep up the great work!

Bridgett and Gene

Joanna, have I told you how thankful I am to have found you?


We had waited over a year before I contacted Joanna to see if she could help with putting together a new profile for us. I don’t know what I was expecting, but she gave us so much more than I ever imagined. We wrote new text together and I was surprised how much of a difference those changes made. She had us get some new photos, and I’m glad she did, because they really helped update the look of our profile. When I sent the new profiles to our agency they called me immediately- they said they were the best profiles they had ever seen, and of course they wanted to know who we worked with to get them done. I was happy to pass on Joanna’s information, and our case worker has told me that she has worked with many of their clients now and all the profiles have been of the same amazing quality.

Joanna, only regret is that it took us so long to find you! Thanks so much for everything


How can I thank you enough for the work you have done for us? When we started working on our profile ourselves I felt so overwhelmed and almost gave up. My husband Matt was frustrated with me and all my crabbiness as I tried to scrapbook something to turn into our agency. He finally asked, “Isn’t there someplace you can go to get some help with this? This is crazy!” I looked online and found Joanna and a few others too. I hire vendors for my job, so I set out to hire a profile expert in the same way. I made phone calls, I asked all the right questions, and I checked references. In the end, it was a gut feeling that not only did Joanna really understand us, but she had such a respect for birthparents and the adoption process in general that we knew we were in good hands.

She was professional at every step, and not only worked with us but with our agency too to make sure everyone was happy with the profile. Needless to say, our agency was thrilled with our profile, and we were just blown away. She made what was a daunting and overwhelming project seem manageable, and we felt like an old friend was guiding us through the process from beginning to end. We are so grateful to you Joanna, and can’t thank you enough!

Susie and Matt