Page Layout Style Options


Share your style

Please choose your preferred page layout styles for your adoption profile and fill in your Style Sheet Form located in our shared Dropbox folder! Keep in mind, these are not templates for you to select from, but rather a way for you to share your style preferences with me. As you view these samples think about the amount and quality of your photos, because those will determine the types of layouts we can create for you.  


Page Layout Style 1

If you want your profile to be a fun as you are then this is a great layout style! We've incorporated hand-rendered sketches and playful type, plus the photos pop thanks to the marvelous, deep colors. Photos with big smiles make this layout fabulous! 


Page Layout Style 3

Sleek, modern, and utterly amazing. These gents loved the super-clean layout that doesn't feel busy while it showcases their great photos. Lots of white space on the page makes this layout easy to read and shares a clean style without feeling corporate. 


Page Layout Style 5

Style should always be reflective of your personalities and other essential parts of your story. This profile layout pulls in graphics and colors that share this great couple's unique cultural backgrounds. A lot of fun photo elements (cutouts, fading photos, and polaroid styles) and rich colors help create a dynamic design.


Page Layout Style 7

Clean, cool, and collected. Soft seaside colors with a few high-impact colors and graphics make this layout sing. A few great photos can blend with everyday photos in this layout that blends copy, short lists, and a calligraphic font!


Page Layout Style 9

Polish and POP! Linear does not equal boring, and organized does not equal dull. In fact, the tightly ordered layout enhances the photos and makes the copy easy to read. Rich colors and great photos make this layout both engaging and playful. 


Page Layout Style 11

This high-impact layout makes looking great seem effortless (but don't let it fool you- it was planned to a T!) A few great photos and sophisticated typography blend with bold colors and white for a clean, but compelling layout!


Page Layout Style 13

It can be hard to make a layout that's super-creative and fun that doesn't feel busy or overdone. This layout does just that! Our client is a designer herself and wanted a profile that fit her spunky style- and this is a home-run! The trick is pairing modern styles and fonts with fun elements like polkadots and pattern galore.


Page Layout Style 15

With photos this amazing we wanted to create a layout that enhanced but didn't overshadow them. High-quality photos filled with personality and affection benefit from being used in a larger scale so the reader can really connect. We used cool cutouts, photo angles, and interesting fonts to really punch this profile up.


Page Layout Style 2

Modern yet playful with a dash of the outdoors- this layout uses a mix of neutral colors with pops of red. The type and design elements showcase this client's nature-loving lifestyle in a fun and contemporary way.


Page Layout Style 4

The layout is simple but bold- the effect is exciting! We've mixed a bit of high-impact typography with intense colors for a fantastic first impression. A few high-quality photos mixed with everyday photos allow full-page photo layouts like this one. 


Page Layout Style 6

Fabulous high-quality photos make this layout shine! Soft neutrals and an easy-flowing layout invites the reader to stay awhile and get to know you. This profile balances white space with simple elements and colors beautifully. Clean, elegant, and anything but boring! This is relaxed modern at its best.


Page Layout Style 8

We needed to create a layout to match her amazing smile! This layout is neatly ordered but still playful, incredibly fun and engaging! A few hand-drawn elements are blended with light watercolor color washes to keep the reader's eye moving around the page. 


Page Layout Style 10

For the family with personality PLUS we want to share your style in a way that's authentic and engaging. This layout showcases a lot of photos in a single spread, and the chalkboard typography shows their creative style. Betcha can't stop looking at all the design elements!


Page Layout Style 12

Casual, warm and playful describes both this couple and their profile! Bold colors, a retro flair, and photos show their great smiles and personality. Fun graphic elements take second chair to the photos and colors, but add warmth and a playful feel to the layout. 


Page Layout Style 14

Outdoorsy, active, and stable- that's what our clients wanted to share with expectant parents. We believe design is fundamental to telling your story, and in this layout the clean, easy-to-ready typography blends beautifully with warm and neutral colors and a linear layout to do just that.


Page Layout Style 16

Patterns, rich colors and a varied-yet-linear layout work together to create a profile that's easy-to-read, fun and shares lots of photos and text in an organized and engaging way. The darker colors make great backgrounds for inverse type. Pattern and bold colors are a great way to add dimension to a more modern layout with simple typography.