Our Process

Getting to know you…

I will walk you through the profile development process from beginning to end. Some people have been so overwhelmed for so long they don’t have a single line of text or any ideas on style while other people come to the process with their text fully written and firm ideas about design and layout. Wherever you are, I’ll meet you there.

Many people wonder when the right time is to connect with me and begin working on their profile is. I always say the earlier the better! If you’re just getting started you will find my library of Tip Sheets useful as you sort through your photos and begin to think about text. My unique process will keep you organized and always heading in the right direction.

Once you submit your content we will chat on the phone to get to know one another. I’ll want to know your goals for your profile, a bit about your interests and style and of course your agency’s parameters for your profile. When we hang up from this conversation not only will you have a completion date for your project but a good sense the colors and style I’ll use in the design.


Colors, patterns, fonts, oh my!

We will use several fun tools to begin to explore style ideas for your profile. As you work on gathering your content you can browse our Pintrest boards and make notes on the colors and graphics you like best. We will use these as a springboard to our discussion about how color and style help to share your personality with birthparents. You will always have as much input as you would like- or you are welcome to give me some general likes and dislikes and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

I fully guarantee my work- you and your agency will be thrilled with what we create together or we’ll keep working until you are.


Putting it together

After our design conversation I’ll give you a firm completion date for your profile – usually less than two weeks! Once you see the proof you will be able to use the full suite of Adobe editing tools to share your feedback with me. I’ll turn your edits around quickly and send your way for another review. When you’re ready I’ll send to your agency/attorney for their feedback and approval and then we’ll put our heads together one last time to fine tune the final draft.


Off to print!

Once the proof is approved I’ll happily facilitate printing for you with one of several commercial printers I work with or supply you the digital files for printing locally. I can often save you a considerable amount in your printing costs by working with the printers I have established relationships with. Better yet I’ll save you hours of running around town getting them printed and shipped. I will supply you with printing quotes upon commencement of the project.


Let’s get you online!

Once your profile is complete make sure you’re getting the exposure you need by being online! We can create a website that matches your profile for you to use for advertising should your agency or attorney suggest this, or we can host your profile online via our proprietary website, HopefullyParents.com. This option gives you a unique url (hopefullyparents.com/yournames) that you can share via social networking sites, on pass-along cards or even in your email signature line for maximum exposure!